What I learned from my first year in business

I have just celebrated the one-year anniversary of running my own business and what a roller coaster ride it has been. It took me a while to take that leap of faith. After experiencing my second redundancy of the year and, licking my wounds for a while, I got back into the job market whilst all the while […]

“Quit Your Crappy Job” Day

The 31st March is “Quit Your Crappy Job” Day – who knew there was such a thing, but then again why should we be surprised? I’m sure that we can all name at least one of our close circle of friends who detests their job and are too stuck to know what they really want to […]

13 ways to stay focussed when working from home

Legend has it that Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were at a party when a stranger politely interrupted them to ask them what the secret was to their success. Without a moment’s hesitation, they both replied “focus”, why then, does this seem to be so difficult in today’s distraction-led world? Since starting my own business, I […]

12 ways that jobseekers can make the most of the summer break

I recently posted this article that lists 4 reasons why the summer is in fact the best time to look for a job. It does de-bunk some of the myths around the summer being so quiet that you may as well just write it off. Re-reading it, I now see that it is aimed more at those […]