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I chose to work with Jane because of her coaching expertise, she got me to really clarify my thinking. This was a painful process but one that is now paying dividends as I have defined solid outcomes for my new venture.

Emma Clune

Transformation Director, Clune Consultancy

Jane digs to uncover the issues that hinder your development in a well thought out manner. With her no ‘BS’ approach – which is refreshing – she holds you accountable yet supports you along your journey. If you want to get sh*it done, work with Jane.

James Bedford

Head of Internal Communications

Jane has an incredible way of cutting through all the BS. Having known her for over 7 years, I’m continually impressed with the great insights she has about everybody and everything. She is easy going, but do not be fooled; she is ruthlessly focussed on helping you to uncover the changes that, quite literally, catapult you out of whatever rut you find yourself in. If you are looking for a coach that will kick your butt and spur you into action rather than tilt their head and ask you to navel-gaze, Jane is the coach for you.

Ido Barner

VP Group Operations

Thank you for your valuable insights into how to secure a new position after my role was made redundant last year. Your knowledge and skills at coaching me through the transition have helped me immensely. Any clients are lucky to have you on their side as a coach and mentor.

Martin Sanders

Facilities Director

Working with Jane gave me the confidence to negotiate new terms and conditions returning to work after maternity leave - both times!

Kate Cusack

General Manager, Sports and Leisure Management

I was lucky enough to benefit from Jane’s skills and knowledge of CV writing. She guided me to create a target search market when looking for a job and gave me clear directions on how to take the next steps in my job search. I would definitely recommend others to use her expertise in navigating the job market and her coaching to achieve their goals.

Sandrine Laurent

HR Business Partner

It’s been great working with Jane. Through Coaching, she’s enabled me to work out portions of my life that needed more attention and in all cases I’ve made positive change. She is warm and a brilliant mix of fun and accountability. I’d recommend Jane to anyone wanting clarity on next steps. And I suspect she can help with much more than that too.

Teresa Klasener

A Human Guerrilla

Jane is an amazing coach and sounding board who helped me recently when trying to get clear on some of my company marketing. She is a great listener, supportive and encouraging and also had some great insights. I would highly recommend working with her.

Gail Grace

Coaching Women in Construction

I’ve been working with Jane on a project for several months and am really impressed by her knowledge and coaching style. She is honest, funny and very wise. She has in depth experience of what she teaches, and great empathy. If you or anyone you know is experiencing redundancy, then do start with her course. Take action now, and start moving in the right direction.

Lesley Hossner

Helping non-native project managers excel with their English