I love being a guest on podcasts. I get to share my story of two redundancies in one year along with hints and tips on finding a new role. I hope that my story will inspire people who are going through similar experiences.

It’s not just about me, I have made so many incredible connections and had so many inspiring conversations about all areas of my life that I am passionate about. And that’s why I am both excited and super-proud to share all of my latest podcast appearances with you here.

Mastering the Art of Career Pivots

Join us to delve into career transition challenges. We cover network building, adapting to change, COVID-19's sector impact and democratising development for all your team whilst doing something additional for those you think of as high-potential.

BIG Meow Podcast

Kristen White interviews Jane Ferré, who shares her philosophy for entrepreneurs who have been declared redundant, emphasising the importance of focusing on their gift and zone of genius. She also discusses the curse of the competent and the value of selling one thing to one person at one time. Jane shares her expertise on creating a functional CV and finding your niche as an entrepreneur.

The HR Sound Off Podcast Show

Julie Turney created the HR Sound Off Podcast Show to help shed light on some of the many misconceptions about the Human Resources profession. To show you who we are at our core and what we are passionate about, which is championing for the people in our organisations. You will learn of our struggles and our fears. You will see our human side and I hope that it makes us as real to you as you are to us.

The Tingle Zone

In this episode, I'm talking with Andrew Miller, from Business Enjoyment, where success is about so much more than just money. In fact, he wants you to enjoy your business so much ‘it makes your bits tingle’. He interviews successful entrepreneurs and people in business to uncover their personal journeys, their business tips and why they get a buzz out of what they do. In other words, what makes their bits tingle?  Take a listen to see what gets my bits tingling!

Who Ya Know Show

In this episode, I discussed with Trevor how I was not gonna be defeated by getting laid off twice in one year. I bounced back and now I have set up a coaching practice to help others who are going through the exact same experience.

Groove with Portia

On this episode of Groove with Portia, we discuss how uncovering your personal values can play a big part in finding joy in your work and the secret to effective networking that involves a little black book.  This episode is sponsored by Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/groovewpb/support