In this episode, I discussed with Trevor how I was not gonna be defeated by getting laid off twice in one year. I bounced back and now I have set up a coaching practice to help others who are going through the exact same experience.

What you will learn:

– Jane’s story of getting laid off twice in one year

– Her emotions and thoughts during that experience

– How was Jane prepared in advance

– How building a network helps you

– Making deposits and withdrawing

– The law of reciprocity

– Revisiting your values before starting a job search

– How Jane got through the days of hopelessness

– Things that Jane did to keep her mind sharp

– Change v/s Transition

Mic Drop Moments

🎤Jane at (03:25) – When you need that network and you start to make a withdrawal, it can be withdrawn. It’s always doing stuff for people so that they can help you when you need.

🎤Jane at (10:08) – It’s a full-time job finding a job but it’s also like…you can’t spend a full day rewriting your CV.

🎤Jane at (10:53) – So some of the other things… I volunteered.

🎤Jane at (11:50) – Just have anchor points in the week to just keep you on track and when you are in the job search mode, then you will be 100% in that as well. So this is like a physical, mental kind of balance really, and helping other people.

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