Time to Reflect

As we enter August, the pace of life slows down somewhat. Our colleagues and customers are heading off on their summer breaks, giving us time to stop and reflect and maybe even plan a couple of weeks in the sunshine for ourselves. It is the perfect time to hit that pause button. We are over […]

60 Questions to help you to figure out EXACTLY what you want to do next

When I set up my coaching business, the biggest challenge for me was to figure out exactly where to focus my expertise. After more than 20 years of working my way up to the corporate HR ladder, I could have turned my hand to a myriad of options. The same is true of my clients. […]

How to use De Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats” to make better decisions

  My last blog post addressed how to brainstorm like a pro. It contained three simple steps to follow if you are hosting a session to generate ideas for a business challenge that you might be facing. Those 3 steps are: Before you begin your session Idea generation, and Idea selection Following a number of […]

How to brainstorm like a pro

How many times have you attended a brainstorming session only to find that it did not deliver the intended outcome? By that, I mean the assembled group did not come up with any kind of ground-breaking ideas. Next time you need to get a group of people together to try and solve a problem, follow […]

Coaching vs Mentoring – what is the difference?

Coaching and mentoring are both effective ways of developing an individual’s skills and knowledge as they are personalised to the individual.  There are times when coaching is a better solution than mentoring and mentoring is a better solution than coaching. The two terms are used interchangeably, often without fully understanding the difference between the two. […]

Do your thinking once​

Comedians have their catchphrases. Brands end advertisements with the tagline for the product. I do the same. One of my favourite catchphrases that I find myself repeating whenever I work with clients is: “Do your thinking once” This comes up in a couple of scenarios. When I first meet with my clients, many of them […]

How did we end up here? (And what to do about it)

  From an early age, we get sucked into “The Success Trap”. We stay working in businesses with toxic cultures or in jobs that we are good at but don’t actually like that much. It starts with our grades being tracked at school, decisions about which university you choose to go to and the name […]