7 Reasons to Book a 60 Minute Turbo Call with me

I’ve received many questions over the past week about my 60 Minute Turbo calls,  one of the services that I offer my clients.

The most common question is “what could I use it for?”

People are not always sure what to expect.  The way to get the most benefit out of it is to focus on one thing, one problem, one challenge.

I’ve put together a list of how people have used this in the past.


1 – You have updated your CV and now want a fresh pair of eyes to look at it just as a hiring manager would.  You want someone you trust, someone who can make suggestions about how to make it stand out from the rest.

2 – Your LinkedIn profile needs an audit.  You set it up years ago and it is not selling you in your absence.  It is not getting you noticed in a noisy job market.  Former colleagues tell you how they have got headhunted for their current role whilst you are getting tumbleweed.  You want to learn how to leverage LinkedIn and don’t know where to start.

3 – You have an interview coming up and want to have a dry run with someone who has sat in the hiring manager’s chair.  Maybe it’s been years since your last interview, maybe you ARE getting invited to interviews but getting “pipped at the post”.  You know that you just need to raise your game but not sure where to start.

4 – You want to move from fixed-term contracts to a permanent contract (or vice versa!) and are struggling with how to position yourself and your message about the change.

5 – You are feeling completely overwhelmed and have so many ideas that you don’t know where to start.  You know that deep down you want to take a leap of faith so don’t want to speak with your parents/partner/friends.  They mean well, they want to keep you safe and operating in the bubble that you want to break free of.  You need to speak with someone who has no agenda.

6 – You are facing a particular challenge and want to talk through the options for how to approach it.  Maybe you want to ask for a pay rise and you want to get all of your ducks in a row first.  Maybe you have a colleague that you need to give feedback to.  You need to “grasp the nettle” but want to talk it through with someone first.

7 – You want to try before you buy.  You have been thinking about working with me for a while, you’ve been watching my live broadcasts and reading my posts and know that you would like to work with me on a longer term basis.  Equally, you have never had a coach or made such a big investment in yourself and want to ensure I am the right coach for you.

This list is non-exhaustive and shows how people have used their 60 minutes with me in the past.  If you think that this is just the sort of thing that you need to help move you forward, then you can book a session here.

I look forward to speaking with you.


If you don’t want to “Try before you buy” and want to “jump straight in” and work with Jane on a 1:1 basis then her 10 Week VIP Career Coaching Programme could be just the thing for you. Click here for the full details, please get in touch via LinkedIN if you are up for the challenge.