I love being a guest on podcasts. I get to share my story of two redundancies in one year along with hints and tips on finding a new role. I hope that my story will inspire people who are going through similar experiences.

It’s not just about me, I have made so many incredible connections and had so many inspiring conversations about all areas of my life that I am passionate about. And that’s why I am both excited and super-proud to share all of my latest podcast appearances with you here.

Pushfar – The Mentoring Mindset

On this episode of the Mentoring Mindset, we're joined by Jane, a professional career coach helping frustrated professionals across the globe. During this episode, Jane speaks more about her role, her love for Paris, how she became an entrepreneur, her experiences with mentoring in the past and so much more.

Female Leaders on Fire Podcast with Nicola Skorko

In conversation with Nicola Skorko, we discuss the great resignation that's happening imminently what it means for women at the top of the corporate ladder.

The Career Success Podcast by Jason Connolly

Do you want to know what it takes to reach the top? Listen to this inspiring and thought-provoking podcast from one of the UK’s leading recruiters, Jason Connolly as he interviews the biggest names in the business world on how they became successful. Gain valuable insights as we dig deep into their business journey and reveal the key lessons they’d pass on. Find out how to overcome obstacles, define success for you, and the qualities you need to thrive in your chosen industry. If you want to learn how to be a successful business leader, this is the podcast for you.

Sharing Time #1 Saison 2: Dream Job: Mythe ou Réalité?

My first live podcast speaking in French! Dream Job: Myth or Reality? Tune in to find out the answer! Hélène Hervieu est heureuse de vous proposer le premier numéro de la saison 2 de SHARING TIME »⏰, notre RDV partagé en direct, rien que pour vous, qui êtes en quête de changement, de sens et de bienêtre.

Sterling’s Business Success & Coffee Podcast

Guests and experts from around the globe join Simon Meadows on his podcast.  We share some business tips or lessons learned, over a coffee online, and talk about our favourite coffee and places to drink. The discussions dive into personal and business areas of struggle and success, providing every listener with something to take away that you can use, and we talk about some great coffee and other drinks too.Whether you are a job seeker, an employee, an entrepreneur, or an employer learning to say "No" and knowing what you want and don’t want is the first step to tap into your success. In this episode, I’m joined by Jane Ferre, the founder of janeferre.com and a career coach. Jane offers private career coaching for senior HR professionals who have outgrown their current role and want to secure their dream role in their dream company with a dream package in less than six months.

The Answer is Brand with Danny Matthews

Danny is joined by Jane Ferré, an Executive Career Coach, where they discuss Disneyland, redundancy, HR and more! 'The Answer is Brand' has been bought to you by Danny&co. and is presented by Danny Matthews. From running a tattoo shop at 18 to becoming the first mortgage advisor to digitise the mortgage application process, Danny has a natural story-telling ability that he uses to solve real business problems with creative design and branding. Through his company Danny&co. and his trademark process Brand Confidence® he has helped launch some of the most exciting and innovative brands of tomorrow by getting their products into the right hands.