I love being a guest on podcasts. I get to share my story of two redundancies in one year along with hints and tips on finding a new role. I hope that my story will inspire people who are going through similar experiences.

It’s not just about me, I have made so many incredible connections and had so many inspiring conversations about all areas of my life that I am passionate about. And that’s why I am both excited and super-proud to share all of my latest podcast appearances with you here.

Effective Business Empowerment – with Jane Ferre

Tony talks to executive career coach, Jane Ferre, about her business journey, the ways in which she works, and how she helps others to achieve their true business potential.

In Episode 40 I interview Jane Ferre.

What’s the most successful way to make job applications and drive your job search in today’s oversubscribed job market? In Episode 40 I interview Jane Ferre.

A Better HR Business” with Ben Geoghegan

My guest today is Jane Ferré, a highly successful career coach for senior in-house HR professionals. Jane offers private career coaching for senior HR professionals who’ve outgrown their current role and was..

Desperately Seeking Salary

Job seeking is an often lonely, full time occupation in itself. The challenges of being out of work, or seeking the next step can be complicated and disheartening. In Desperately Seeking Salary,

Jane Ferre on the Pitfalls of Working Abroad

Jane helps frustrated professionals to secure their next role through 1:1 Coaching, Group Programmes and a selection of online courses and downloadable eBooks. She came to this after experiencing redundancy not once but twice in one year – once her choice, the other not. Before setting up her own coaching practice she had a 20+ year career in senior HR roles such as HR Business Partner, Head of Leadership Development and Head of Talent at British Airways before joining LEON Restaurants as their very first Head of Training.

How To Deal With Redundancy

Each week we hear about companies are shutting down or making people redundant. Jane Ferre joins me and shares her tips and advice as a career and development coach but also someone who was made redundant twice in one year.