I love being a guest on podcasts. I get to share my story of two redundancies in one year along with hints and tips on finding a new role. I hope that my story will inspire people who are going through similar experiences.

It’s not just about me, I have made so many incredible connections and had so many inspiring conversations about all areas of my life that I am passionate about. And that’s why I am both excited and super-proud to share all of my latest podcast appearances with you here.

How to reduce the risk of being sifted out at the application stage: in conversation with Jane Ferré

The purpose of a CV or resume is to get you to an interview. If you aren’t getting invites to interviews then you are being sifted out. So how do you reduce your risk of being sifted out at the application stage? And why does my guest really ‘hate’ application tracking systems - and what you might be able to do about them. In conversation with Jane Ferré

Job search & career advice with Jane Ferré (HR executive coach)

Our guest today is Jane Ferré, an HR career coach. Jane offers private career coaching for senior HR professionals who’ve outgrown their current role and want to secure their dream role in their dream company with a dream package in less than 6 months. Jane has had a 20+ year career in senior HR roles such as HR Business Partner, Head of Leadership

Habitz Podcast

Jane Ferré joined us in the studio to talk through how to get your dream role. Job seekers often find themselves at the mercy of job boards and just applying for any job vacancy they come across, or people stay stuck in jobs they hate because they’re comfortable. Once you’ve nailed your CV, leveraged your LinkedIn profile and clearly defined your goals, you’ll be able to make better career decisions with businesses you’re genuinely interested in working with.

Ep 10 – Chatting to Jane Ferré, Career Coach

This week I am joined by Jane. Jane turned her experience of a two redundancies within a year, into a thriving business that empowers people to step into their dream job.

Effective Business Empowerment – with Jane Ferre

Tony talks to executive career coach, Jane Ferre, about her business journey, the ways in which she works, and how she helps others to achieve their true business potential.

In Episode 40 I interview Jane Ferre.

What’s the most successful way to make job applications and drive your job search in today’s oversubscribed job market? In Episode 40 I interview Jane Ferre.